Petronella J. Ytsma


Petronella J.Ytsma is an artist currently residing in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.  She specializes in large format black and white photography and gelatin silver prints.  She often lifts her subjects out of their environments, photographing against a simple background to emphasize the elegant sensuality and fragility of her subject.

The two bodies of work seen here are a series of botanical images and studies of the human hand. Documented in a similar manner, one can see and feel the interconnectedness of form.

With her her empathic photographic abilities Ytsma also draws attention to the fate of the 2nd and 3rd generation Vietnamese victims of the chemical warfare with Agent Orange their ancestors were confronted with in the 1960's

You can reach Petronella Ytsma by telephone: +1 651.227.7100 or by Email: [email protected]
or contact in the Netherlands: Hugo van der Molen, tel: +31 (0)50-5348795; Email: [email protected]

Petronella J. Ytsma: links to her pages  

Botanical Images

Treuren: view installation of  human hand photo's

Treuren: view specific hands

LEGACY OF AN ECOCIDE: Agent Orange Aftermath

Curriculum Vitae

801ART24-expostitie 2013 (exhibition from Jun 22nd - September 30th 2013 in Minneapolis)

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