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costs of shipping and how to order and to pay
(update March 24th 2012)

Dr. Hugo H. van der Molen - Wederikweg 114 - 9753 AE Haren, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)50 534 8795; Fax: +31 (0)50 534 0852; email: [email protected]

All prices are in Euro (€)
Use the international Euro-calculator for conversion of 1 Euro into your valuta.

Ordering methods:
by e-mail: [email protected], or telehone: +31 (0)50 534 87 95
Advance payment is always asked. If not completely satisfied with what you get, I will reimbourse (at my cost) immediately what you send back (at your cost). 

Postage and packing:
For Postage and Packing (in firm double carton) outside The Netherlands I ask a contribution of  3 à 7 Euro for standard cheapest uninsured mail. If you wish quicker delivery, or insurance, please ask for possible additional costs. I can also indicate the usual delivery period for your country, for standard cheapest mail and for priority mail. We can also ship insured by DHL.

Payment methods:
cash: small amounts can be sent by ordinary post, provided the paper money is not visible when holding the envelope against the light.

Paypal: use as my email address: [email protected]

Credit Card: I accept in principle American Express, VISA and Mastercard (temporarily not available due to high annual fees !) please ask of card acceptance is restored again. If so: Click here for sending me your card details by SSL: Secure Socket Layer

bank payment  from outside The Netherlands:
dr. H.H. van der Molen, Haren, The Netherlands
IBAN (International Bank Account Number):  IBAN: NL63 ABNA 0210 7747 03
BIC-code of my bank:  ABNANL2A
and also indicate:
SHA = indication that costs will be shared.

bank payments from The Netherlands:
rek no. t.n.v. H.H. van der Molen te Haren, (rekening aangehouden bij bank ABNAMRO-Mees Pierson).

100% satisfaction sales policy:
If you are not satisfied with what you receive, you can sent the item back at your cost and I will fully reimbourse the purchase amount at my cost.

Grading explanations:
Quality is always VF (very fine = normal and reasonable condition for a used piece), unless indicated otherwise:

F (fine = less desirable piece with several defects, tears, holes, sellotape repairs etc),
EF (extremely fine = almost immaculate, certainly no sellotape repairs, but may be a light fold or very minor wrinkle or tiny stain),
UNC (uncirculated = immaculate: fresh from the printer)
# = number of stocks issued

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